Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I was in Heyday yesterday to talk about an anthology they've asked me to put together. I had been hoping to pick up something from Heyday before I left, and enormous thanks to my girl over there in Acquisitions who made it all happen, and to whom I owe many, many debts professional and personal. ENORMOUS THANKS! (If I knew html that would be even bigger.)

Said girl outed me to Malcolm about my restaurant plans. He asked a couple basic questions about kind of food, the size of the city, etc., and then said:

"So what you're doing is disguising a cultural center as a restaurant. You're going to have art and music and start conversations about Kansas history... you're going to have poetry readings..."

I was stunned. He saw right fucking through me. That is absolutely what I am doing. I'm disguising a cultural center as a restaurant and bar. Goddamn Malcolm.

The anthology, by the way, collects the very best writing about California from July 2009-July 2010. All genres welcome. So if anyone out there has read something wonderful, please send it to me before June 15th.

In GH news, I am shopping for a commercial range...


Hale True Benson Squire said...

Suggest you pepper the anthology with pictures about california.

Hale True Benson Squire said...

Oh, and can I just say I'm so proud and excited about your GH (that's "General Hospital", right?) plans. I'm like, holy crap, yo. It's big and it's you. Go.

Adams said...

I think I saw Malcolm on a PBS special last night about Bay Area history, Redwoods, and Chinese fisherman (there was probably more to it; I only caught the tail end). I was stoned and it was in HD. Pretty impressive, somehow hyper-real. And therefore unreal. Like some extreme version of Malcolm. It was intense. Which reminds me of a joke.

Q: Where do and how is it when hippies have sex?

A: See above.