Thursday, April 15, 2010

"ancay I-yay avehay eethay uffalobay?"

Last night Olia and I celebrated at a not so great Hoffbrau just up the road. It was still fun. We discussed the Green Horse over dinner and Olkin expressed hesitation over serving borscht to Kansans.

O: "Maybe we can disguise it. What's borscht backwards? Thcsrob?"
W: "Thcsorb?"
O: "No, Thcsrob. And it's not made with beets, it's made with steeb."

Which inspired me: Pig Latin Night.

Yes, because I am drunk with power (and La Rossa... and Mahler too while I am at it), on one (or more than one?) random night the menus at the Green Horse will be in Pig Latin and you, the good-humored customer, will have to order in that language.

Which is of course silly commentary on menu language itself, but mainly just fun for my staff. Okay, just fun for me.

"Ocholatechay ousemay?"

"Onay, eeway areyay outyay ofyay ochaolate ousemay. Ancay Iyay uggestyay eethay emcray uleebray ithway assionfruitpay andyay intmay?"

"Eckchay easeplay!"


Irina said...

But I don't know pig latin :(
Can I order in Russian, instead?

Whim said...

Ira! Welcome! But you wouldn't have to speak pig latin, just pronounce it from the menu, unless that's not kosher?