Thursday, January 7, 2010


I'd like to recommend the movie Sleep Dealer to all fans of Science Fiction who also have a soft spot for labor & immigration issues. It is available on DVD.

The romantic interest/female lead is also easy on the eyes, but as we know from watching Mexican television, every woman under 50 is ridiculously attractive while every man over 30 looks like a mariachi, and if this is accurate, why they are crossing the border but we are staying here is beyond me.

Essentially, it shows a not too distant world where the global south can provide for the real American dream-- all the work without the workers. The Mexicans stay in Mexico, but telecommute to robots who pick oranges, do construction, drive cabs, etc.

The concept is top-notch, the story is occasionally maudlin, the acting is serviceable, and the direction often inspired.

--- I guess living down here has me grasping a little for friends. No reason to write this, really, save it approximates human contact. 'Hey, I saw an interesting move.' 'Really, what was it?' 'This odd Mexican sci-fi film...'

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