Wednesday, January 27, 2010

buckwheat dumplings

I applied for a job today. I have been applying for various jobs in the Santa Cruz area since we've moved down. My writing is going well and some money might come in from it in the coming months, but I'd prefer to be working down here as well. Work provides purpose and people as well as money. A job is the easiest way into a place. I have been quite lucky on with my jobs over all.

But jobs are few and far between here and my resume is unconventional. I was really excited about a ranch hand job-- it was mostly feeding horses and cleaning out stalls-- work I know how to do and would be glad to do, but they didn't even call! Damn Mexicans taking my jobs!

I was wallowing a little today and had a good bout of staring-at-the-ceiling. When I came downstairs (down ladder?) and dissolutely checked craigslist I saw a posting for fancy cafe/take out help nearby and checked them out. They are part of the Alice Waters empire, and the food does look exciting and the place cozy and cute. So I dashed-off a cover letter but also compiled some of my menus from my various cooking events to try to razzle-dazzle 'em. I really should keep a journal. But I thought I'd post the descriptions on the ole blog because, well, who is going to stop me?

Christmas '09
Christmas Goose with kumquats, drizzled with a prickly pear reduction
Neapolitan Mashed Potatoes with red potato, sweet potato, and purple yam
Daikon Radish Salad with shaved fennel and mandarin
Mushroom Goulash with buckwheat dumplings
Cranberry Apple Compote
Blanched bok choy & shallots with fresh cucumbers in a sriracha sauce

Homebrew BBQ
Stuffed Squid marinated in our own Belgian Saison beer
Irish Soda Bread with horseradish butter
Grilled Fig Salad with pomegranate and queso fresco

6th Anniversary Meal
Fresh Black Tobikko and Ikura served on baguette with butter
Opah Poached in Viognier, lime and butter, served on a bed of charred lipstick peppers and green onions, garnished with a kumquat medley
Ruby Crescent Potatoes Au Gratin with bacon, squid, and wild porcini mushrooms
Buckwheat Salad with watercress and yogurt
Homemade Bing Cherry Ice Cream

And a few other dishes just to round it off:

Barley Jambalaya with Sourdough Pancakes and homemade Meyer Lemon Marmalade
California chili with artichokes hearts and chickpeas
Roasted Pork Loin with rhubarb-Gorgonzola sauce on a bed of dandelion greens


sarah said...

I still have the beautiful menu you printed for Christmas dinner in, um, 2000? 2001? Whatever the year, it was quite a memorable meal. Hope you get the job!

Whim said...

Thanks Sarah, that means a lot.

Kyle said...

I need that recipe for jambalaya with sourdough pancakes please. Oh and that chili recipe too. Chickpeas and I have a special thing going on.