Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Essaying into existence

In July 2010, I leave for Cyprus. A year later I will fly home from New Zealand, having spent an entire year harvesting wine grapes in vineyards on every continent.

This is a log of the journey to the journey.

My intention is to turn this experience into a book and place it with a publisher. I am currently writing up a proposal for an agent-- bits of that process will also appear on this record.

Expect wine-related rants, tasting notes, quotes, ruminations, and events, as they happen, in regards to planning a year long 'round-the-world trip and finding a place or places for it in the world of print and radio.

And wish me luck! My heavy breakfast and the process of 'selling myself' has made me rather dour...


crazywisdom said...

I wish you all kinds of luck -- torrents of luck -- on your amazing adventure.

I think it’s truly wonderful and inspiring that you have set out on such a path. I know it will take you wonderful places.

although...geez... it should be easier to comment on this blog, I had to use an old google account I didn't even remember I had :)


Whim said...

Thank you D! And thank you for alerting me to the Brazil-like strictures of posting. It has been corrected.