Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Chicago Manuel of Style

(Correspondence between editor friend and meself)

That's the name of my new Latino clothing line.

Hey stranger!

My excuse for writing you is editorial in nature. I'm writing up a proposal for someone and I need some style advice on numbers. I need, god mother-fucking-help me, to create a 'sales hook,' in a sentence or two, for my project.

So I went telegraphic.

One Man. Six Continents. 18 Countries. 25 Wineries. 365 Days of Crush*.

My question: is it appropriate to switch from the Latin to the Arabic vis a vis double digit numbers. Three-hundred and sixty five days of Crush just looks stupid...

So-- what's the professional's take on all this?


*"Crush," just in case you don't know, is the general term for harvesting wine grapes and the first stages of turning them into wine.



If you were going by Chicago, you'd write out everything but 365 (the rule is spell out 0-100 and any very round number beyond that--e.g. 1,000; 400; 3,000,000; etc.). The way you have it now is AP Style. But, both styles make allowances for parallel structure. Frankly, I would do it the exact way you have it, because it would be too weird to say "1 Man."

I like your sales hook. :)

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