Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Francesco Marciuliano, Author of "Sally Forth" as Pat Robertson

The Onion's Summer Movie Round Up led me to the reader's comments where the upcoming Marmaduke movie inspired commenters to bitch about other comics they hate, like Family Circus and Sally Forth, which I have chuckled at, and was later defended by a link to his blog

Which is really good! The conversations with his brother, who works as the Lycos Mascot, are worth the time alone.

Here's the Pat Robertson.

"Halloween is an abomination, a dark temptation. It encourages young Irish boys and girls to cut school, consume alcohol, get into fights and fornicate right on the parade route. Now, you might be thinking I've confused Halloween with St. Patrick's Day but let me tell you, those Micks will use any holiday as an excuse to get drunk."

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